Vol.33 – Peace of mind


She who plays an active part as the staff in a building office. Though though is being quiet and the atmosphere that did, the work to embody the idea that there are many working women handling the work energetically is fun; brain is a full blast every day. With the doughnut which worked of the acidity, give an ease and a little stimulation.

建築事務所でスタッフとして活躍する彼女。おっとりとした雰囲気だけど、仕事はバリバリとこなすキャリアウーマン! たくさんのアイディアを具現化する仕事は楽しいけれど毎日脳がフル回転。酸味の効いたドーナツで、安らぎとほんの少しの刺激を与えて。







birth place:KANAGAWA




【Peace of mind】






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